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Rolling Shutters — Slats

40mm Standard Slat

40mm Standard

Standard Foam

Texas Rolling Shutter slats are made of aluminum and filled with a dense eco-friendly foam for added strength and superior insulation value. The standard 40mm slat is our most commonly used slat and can cover openings out to +/- 12 feet wide depending on height.

55mm Patio Slat

55mm Patio

Foam Filled

The patio slat is used for wider openings and free expanses between posts and columns. It’s injected with an eco-friendly foam for insulation and rigidity. Slats interlock together to prevent separation under load. The 55mm slat can be used on applications up to +/- 16 feet wide depending on height.

55mm Heavy Duty Extruded Slat

55mm Extruded

Heavy Duty & End Retention

The heavy-duty extruded slats are used for added strength, additional security, and increased impact resistance. The extruded aluminum thick walled slats have a hollow center and dead air space for insulation. Special Order Only, check with us for colors and availability.