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About Our Screens for Garage Doors

With garage door screens from Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens, you can enjoy spending time in your garage without worries of intense heat and sunlight or insects and pests. By blocking 95% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and incoming radiant heat, our garage door screens can provide your garage with instant cooling and protection from the sun’s heat. Additionally, our screens allow you to protect the belongings within your garage from the damage that the sun can cause while turning it into a more functional living space so you can comfortably get projects done, work out, or spend time in your garage however you’d like. All these benefits offer the same outward visibility you’re used to from spending time in your garage with the door open. To protect your home from the sun, insects, and pests, and to create a more enjoyable place to spend time, garage door screens from Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens can do it all.

  • Blocks 95% of UV rays and radiant heat from the sun
  • Preserves your view of the driveway
  • Lowers electricity and energy bills
  • Improves garage privacy
  • Keeps pets safe and sound
  • Eliminates pests and insects

Protection From the Sun

With our garage door screens, your garage will be safe and protected from up to 95% of the radiant heat and UV rays generated by the sun. This heat and UV ray reduction can dramatically reduce the temperature of your garage, making it a more enjoyable time to work or play. Worry less about the temperature of your workspace and stay focused on the task at hand with garage door screens in the Austin area from Texas Rolling Shutters & screens.

Enjoy The View

Some privacy and sun protection screens can completely obstruct your view of the outside world. With garage door screens from Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens, you can enjoy the view that you know and love while enjoying all the benefits of effective sun protection in the garage. Our screens also block the glare created by the sun, so in some cases, your view will be better than it was before.

Increased Privacy

Our garage door screens eliminate the worries that come from nosy neighbors and curious passersby. With increased privacy in your garage, you can do your favorite activities however much you’d like while those looking at the screen from the outside are none the wiser of what’s happening behind it. Spend time how you’d like in your garage with garage door screens from Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens.

Save On Energy Bills

Spending time in the garage can mean increased energy bills, especially during the brutally hot summer months. Our garage screens block up to 99% of the radiant heat put off by the sun, resulting in a much cooler garage. In turn, you’ll be able to spend less on energy that’s required to cool down your garage via fans or air conditioning. Spend time in a garage that is cooler and more comfortable with garage screens from Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens.

Garage Door Screen Options



Mermet Textiles Logo

Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens has partnered with leading fabric manufacturer Mermet USA.
Mermet USA fabrics are offered in two styles: Natte, with a conventional basketweave pattern, and Satine, which offers a decorative twill weave pattern.

Natte View 12 Colors

Natte 4500

Openness: 10%

Protection: 90%

Features: Best visibility and great protection

10-year Limited Warranty

Natte View 12 Colors

Natte 4505

Openness: 5%

Protection: 95%

Features: Excellent visibility and protection

10-year Limited Warranty

Natte View 12 Colors

Natte 4503

Openness: 3%

Protection: 97%

Features: Exceptional protection and privacy

10-year Limited Warranty

Satine View 12 Colors

Satine 5705

Openness: 5%

Protection: 95%

Features: Excellent visibility and protection

10-year Limited Warranty

Satine View 12 Colors

Satine 5701

Openness: 1%

Protection: 99%

Features: Most protection and exceptional privacy

10-year Limited Warranty

Tuff Screen

Tuff Screen

Openness: 45%

Blockage: 55%

Features: Best Outward Visibility, Bug Protection

10-year Limited Warranty

Controls & Motorization

The primary operation of our products is via a motor with built-in radio receiver. One touch of your transmitter can lower, raise, or stop your retractable shutters, screens and shades. One transmitter can operate each product individually or as a group. Radio remotes offer the best flexibility for future upgrades and integration.

Vertical image of retractable product remote control

Handheld Radio Remote

Remotes are available as single-channel or 15-channel.

Single-channel control operates one rolling shutter or retractable screen.

Single channel remotes operate one shutter or screen. 15-channel remotes can operate up to 15 shutters or screens, each individually as well as simultaneously.

Horizontal image of retractable product remote control
Image of retractable product wall switch with arrow buttons Image of retractable product LCD wall switch with arrow buttons

Radio Wall Switch

Radio Wall Switches are available as single channel or 15 channel control.

Single-channel control operates one rolling shutter or retractable screen.

15-channel control operates 15 different rolling shutters or retractable screens. This option includes a master channel to operate everything simultaneously.

Radio Wall switches can also be used with the Hub Connector and mobile app.

Image of retractable product hub connector

Hub Connector

The Hub Connector allows you to operate your rolling shutters or retractable screens. From the Connector app, you can operate your radio-transmitter motor and control individual or groups of shutters and screens—even when you’re away from home! The Hub Connector is perfect for the smart home as it integrates easily with your Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Image of retractable product app

Hub Connector Mobile App

We are proud to offer a free app for controlling your screens or shutters from your phone! The app allows you to create a different scene for how you like to use your rolling shutters and retractable screens, including a timing function for preprogrammed operation at set times. You can also ask Alexa to control your shutters or screens for you!

The app is free of charge. The app operation is an upgrade and can only be used with the HUB which is an additional charge.

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