Rolling Shutters in Central Texas

Rolling shutters partially deployed covering sliding glass door and glass windows


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Rolling Shutters in Central Texas
Custom Rolling Shutters
Custom Rolling Shutters in Central Texas

About Our Rolling Shutters

Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens manufactures and installs rolling shutters that provide improved insulation, room darkening, privacy and security for homes and businesses in Central Texas. Each rolling shutter we manufacture is custom made to meet the exact specifications of your area. Whether you want additional protection for the windows and doors of your home, or the outdoor bar area of your business, we can provide you with the best rolling shutters in Central Texas.

Foam filled slats stop 99% radiant heat

100% privacy

60% acoustic reduction

Room darkening up to 99%

Prevent forced entry

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Rolling Shutters in Central Texas

Benefits of Our Rolling Shutters

Our rolling shutters come equipped with innovative features to enhance the security, convenience, and functionality of your home.

Foam Core Insulation

At Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens, we manufacture our rolling shutters using innovative foam core insulation technology that stops the transfer of heat and cold. That means whatever temperature it is inside your house or business is the temperature it will remain thanks to our rolling shutters. The stop in the transfer of heat and cold results in energy savings as the AC or heater will require less effort to keep the temperature of the property in check.

rolling shutters
Rolling shutters covering glass doors

Crime Prevention

Our rolling shutters are an excellent choice to provide your home or business with additional protection from burglars. The addition of Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens’ rolling shutters allows you to place your home or business on complete lock down thanks to our sturdy construction paired with the ultra-tough T-Block Auto-Lock, which prevents forced entry.

Room Darkening

Want to enjoy a movie or some restful sleep in true darkness? We manufacture our rolling shutters to block out 99% of incoming light. The dark space created when the rolling shutters are rolled down over your windows and sliding glass doors provides a perfect entertainment area or an unbeatable sleep environment.

Interior Shades and Solar Screens in Central Texas

Increased Privacy

Enjoy ultimate privacy with rolling shutters from Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens. Our aluminum rolling shutters make it impossible for nosy neighbors to see inside your home or onto your patio when deployed. Enjoy the added peace of mind that comes with knowing you have top-notch privacy for your office, man-cave, or outdoor living area.

Controls & Motorization

The primary operation of our products is via a motor with built-in radio receiver. One touch of your transmitter can lower, raise, or stop your retractable shutters, screens and shades. One transmitter can operate each product individually or as a group. Radio remotes offer the best flexibility for future upgrades and integration.

Hub Connector Mobile App

We are proud to offer a free app for controlling your screens or shutters from your phone! The app allows you to create a different scene for how you like to use your rolling shutters and retractable screens, including a timing function for preprogrammed operation at set times. You can also ask Alexa to control your shutters or screens for you!

The app is free of charge. The app operation is an upgrade and can only be used with the HUB which is an additional charge.

Hub App for Rolling Shutters and Solar Screens in Central Texas

Radio Wall Switch

Radio Wall Switches are available as single channel or 15 channel control. Single-channel control operates one rolling shutter or retractable screen. 15-channel control operates 15 different rolling shutters or retractable screens. This option includes a master channel to operate everything simultaneously. Radio Wall switches can also be used with the Hub Connector and mobile app.

rolling shutters and screens wall switchrolling shutters and screens wall switch

Handheld Radio Remote

Remotes are available as single-channel or 15-channel. Single-channel control operates one rolling shutter or retractable screen. Single channel remotes operate one shutter or screen. 15-channel remotes can operate up to 15 shutters or screens, each individually as well as simultaneously.

rolling shutters and screens remote

Hub Connector

The Hub Connector allows you to operate your rolling shutters or retractable screens. From the Connector app, you can operate your radio-transmitter motor and control individual or groups of shutters and screens—even when you’re away from home! The Hub Connector is perfect for the smart home as it integrates easily with your Amazon Echo or Google Home.

rolling shutters and screens hub connector

T-Block Auto-Lock

Texas Homeowners can benefit from the enhanced security offered by our rolling shutters, which take advantage of T-Block auto-locking technology. T-Block auto-locking prevents forced entry from the outside when your shutters are entirely closed. Whether you’re going out of town, or just want to ensure your valuables are safe while you’re at work, Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens can give you the enhanced security that your home or business needs.

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Our Rolling Shutter Customization Options

Rolling shutters come with a variety of customization choices to perfectly suit your home's needs. Our team is dedicated to assisting you in selecting the ideal shutters, considering factors like color, material finish, and security features. Discover the possibilities for tailoring your new retractable shutters to match the unique style and requirements of your living space

Slat Options

44 slat
40mm Standard Slat

Our rolling shutters are crafted from high-quality aluminum and are infused with dense, eco-friendly foam. This composition not only enhances their strength but also offers excellent insulation. Typically, the standard 40mm slat is the most popular choice, capable of spanning openings up to approximately 12 feet wide, depending on the height.

55 slat
55mm Standard Slat 

This broader patio slat is designed specifically for extensive openings and clear spans between posts or columns. It's filled with eco-friendly foam, ensuring both insulation and stiffness. These slats are engineered to interlock, preventing any separation even under stress. Suitable for applications as wide as approximately 16 feet, depending on the height, the 55mm slat is an ideal choice for larger areas.

55 extruded slat
55mm Heavy Duty Extruded Slat 

For enhanced durability, extra security, and improved resistance to impacts, our heavy-duty extruded slats are the go-to option. These slats are made from thick-walled extruded aluminum, featuring a hollow core and a dead air space, providing excellent insulation. Their robust construction ensures they stand up to more demanding conditions effectively.

Slat Colors

dark beige
Dark Beige
Light beige
Light Beige

Rolling Shutter Applications

Rolling shutters are best used in settings where both security and energy efficiency are paramount.

rolling shutters covering sliding glass doors


Transform your patio into a secure and comfortable outdoor area with our retractable shutters. These shutters provide protection from the elements, enhance privacy, and add an extra layer of security to your patio space.

rolling shutters from inside

Glass Windows & Doors

Rolling shutters are ideal for glass windows and doors, providing enhanced security while also regulating indoor temperature. They offer an effective way to control light and privacy, making them perfect for both residential and commercial properties.

Commercial Rolling Shutters in Central Texas


We proudly provide our rolling shutter installation services to the business owners of Central Texas. If you have concerns about the safety and security of your business, we have the solution to put your mind at ease.We custom manufacture all of our rolling shutters to the exact specifications of your project. Rest easy knowing that your business is properly protected and secured thanks to Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens.

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At Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens, we’re proud to be the number one choice for retractable shades, screens, and shutters in Central Texas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do rolling shutters improve home security?

Rolling shutters from Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens are designed with the security of homes and businesses in mind. With the T-Block Auto Lock built into all of our rolling shutters, you can effectively protect your property from any would-be burglars or home intruders.

Will rolling shutters provide additional insulation to my home?

With the foam-filled slats of rolling shutters from Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens, they provide considerable additional insulation to homes and businesses. Additionally, our rolling shutters create a dead-air space in front of your windows, which results in even more insulation.

Do you offer rolling shutters in different colors?

Our rolling shutters are available in a variety of colors to complement the hue of any home. Rolling shutters from Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens are available in the following colors: grey, dark beige, light beige, bronze, cream, and white. We’re sure to have rolling shutters in a color that best matches your Texas home.

Will rolling shutters make the inside of my home quieter?

Rolling shutters from Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens reduce outside noise by roughly 60%. You’ll be able to enjoy a quieter home which means more immersive entertainment and better, more restful sleep with our rolling shutters.

Can I control rolling shutters using smart home technology?

With our Hub Connector, our rolling shutters can be easily integrated with smart home technology like Google Home or Amazon Echo. We offer our Hub Connector as an add-on product to our rolling shutters, so make sure to ask about smart home integration during your estimate.

Can rolling shutters be controlled without using smart home technology?

All of our rolling shutters can be controlled using a handheld radio remote or wall switch. With these remotes, our shutters can be controlled one by one, or multiple shutters at a time via pre-established groups. We provide our customers with several options for controlling their rolling shutters.

What areas of Texas does Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens service?

Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens primarily serves the Central Texas area, including Austin, San Antonio, and the surrounding areas. Give us a call to see if we can service your area!

rolling shutters

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