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Interior Screens

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About Our Interior Screens

At Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens, we offer a wide selection of interior shades to cool down the interior of your home, reduce glare indoors, and block the sunlight to make for a cool, comfortable living area and ideal sleep environment. Our Texas Interior Screens block out the heat and UV rays, cooling down your home or business and reducing energy costs. Our interior screens come in many different styles, textures, and colors to meet your needs and match the interior design of your home or business.

We proudly partner with industry leading fabric manufacturer Mermet USA whose specialty fabrics are manufactured to maximize the optical, thermal, and structural properties of our shade systems. Expect advanced performance and dependable quality from our Texas Interior Screens.

  • Block Heat
  • Protect furniture from UV
  • Complement your interior design
  • Keep the view
  • Darken rooms

Hundreds of Options

With our Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens Interior Screens, we’re sure to have a style that matches the interior design of your home or business. With hundreds of different interior shade colors, textures, and fabric densities from which to choose, each aspect of your interior shade can be fully customized to meet your exact needs and design preferences.

Heat & UV Protection

Thanks to the specialty fabrics used in our shade systems, our interior window screens block out the heat and UV rays generated by the sun. In many cases, the heat and UV rays from the sun can make some rooms of the house, particularly those with many windows, considerably hotter than the rest of the interior. Our interior shades cool down your home by blocking out the sun’s rays, keeping the temperature of the property in check, and saving you money on energy bills.

Keep & Improve the View

Unlike other interior shades, Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens takes advantage of Mermet fabrics which offer full visibility when looking outwards. Mermet specialty fabrics take advantage of anti-glare technology, which can actually improve your view when looking out through the shades. Don’t worry about losing the view you know and love with interior shades from Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens.

Density Options

Do you enjoy being woken up by the gentle rays of the morning sun —or do you prefer to have your bedroom entirely blacked out to ensure the sun doesn’t disturb your slumber? At Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens, our interior shades come in a number of density options to perfectly match your needs. For those early birds, your shade system can let in just the perfect amount of light to get you going in the morning. Or our blackout shades offer incredible light blocking capabilities to make your rooms perfect for immersive entertainment experiences and some of the best sleep you’ve ever had.

Interior Window Shade Options




9803 View 12 Colors


Openness: 3%

Blockage: 97%

Avila Twilight View 9 Colors

Avila Twilight

Openness: 0%

Blockage: 100%

E Screen Twilight White View 11 Colors

E Screen

Openness: 1% | 3% | 5% | 10%

Blockage: 99%% | 97% | 95% | 90%

E Screen Deco Poplar View 14 Colors

E Screen Deco

Openness: 1% | 3%

Blockage: 99%% | 97%

Flocké Mississippi View 5 Colors


Openness: 0%

Blockage: 100%

M Screen Charcoal Sable View 13 Colors

M Screen

Openness: 1% | 3% | 5%

Blockage: 99% | 97% | 95%

M Screen Deco Hazelnut View 7 Colors

M Screen Deco

Openness: 3% | 5%

Blockage: 97% | 95%

S Screen Cork View 12 Colors

S Screen

Openness: 1% | 4%

Blockage: 99% | 96%

S Screen Naturals Rainier View 12 Colors

S Screen Naturals

Openness: 5%

Blockage: 95%

T Screen White Grey View 12 Colors

T Screen

Openness: 1% | 3%

Blockage: 99% | 97%

T Screen Deco Espresso View 5 Colors

T Screen Deco

Openness: 1% | 3% | 5%

Blockage: 99% | 97% | 95%

Vizela Blanc View 5 Colors


Openness: 1%

Blockage: 99%

Mounting Methods

Surface Mount

Surface Mount

Recessed Mount

Recessed Mount

Pocket Mount

Pocket Mount

Mounting Covers

Fascia Cover

Fascia Cover

For Surface & Recessed Mounts

Niche Cover

Niche Cover

For Pocket Mounts

Exposed Roll

Exposed Roll

For Surface & Recessed Mounts

Housing Colors

69 Light Beige

72 Dark Beige

40 BBQ Bronze

15 Lone Star Limestone

16 Cottontail White

38 Monsoon Grey

We use extruded T6061 aluminum, made in America, that is powder coated at our facility in Tucson. We provide customers with 6 standard colors to choose from for their screen fascia. Custom color powder coating is also available to match any color.

Controls & Motorization

The primary operation of our products is via a motor with built-in radio receiver. One touch of your transmitter can lower, raise, or stop your retractable shutters, screens and shades. One transmitter can operate each product individually or as a group. Radio remotes offer the best flexibility for future upgrades and integration.

Vertical image of retractable product remote control

Handheld Radio Remote

Remotes are available as single-channel or 15-channel.

Single-channel control operates one rolling shutter or retractable screen.

Single channel remotes operate one shutter or screen. 15-channel remotes can operate up to 15 shutters or screens, each individually as well as simultaneously.

Horizontal image of retractable product remote control
Image of retractable product wall switch with arrow buttons Image of retractable product LCD wall switch with arrow buttons

Radio Wall Switch

Radio Wall Switches are available as single channel or 15 channel control.

Single-channel control operates one rolling shutter or retractable screen.

15-channel control operates 15 different rolling shutters or retractable screens. This option includes a master channel to operate everything simultaneously.

Radio Wall switches can also be used with the Hub Connector and mobile app.

Image of retractable product hub connector

Hub Connector

The Hub Connector allows you to operate your rolling shutters or retractable screens. From the Connector app, you can operate your radio-transmitter motor and control individual or groups of shutters and screens—even when you’re away from home! The Hub Connector is perfect for the smart home as it integrates easily with your Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Image of retractable product app

Hub Connector Mobile App

We are proud to offer a free app for controlling your screens or shutters from your phone! The app allows you to create a different scene for how you like to use your rolling shutters and retractable screens, including a timing function for preprogrammed operation at set times. You can also ask Alexa to control your shutters or screens for you!

The app is free of charge. The app operation is an upgrade and can only be used with the HUB which is an additional charge.

How To Start

Free Consultation

Set up the best time for one of our experts to visit your home or business. We’ll assess your home’s layout and discuss with you the shading solution that best suits your needs.

In-Home Estimate

After your initial consultation, we’ll provide a free estimate with no strings attached. Our estimates include specifications and measurements unique to each home or business project. We believe that an estimate should be clear and concise without any confusion for our customers.

Schedule Install

We’ll build your customized order based on the specifications gathered from your free consultation. When they’re ready, our experts will install your new interior screens for you to enjoy.

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Service Areas

At Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens, we’re proud to be the number one choice for retractable shades, screens, and shutters in Central Texas.

We proudly serve:

Austin San Antonio Round Rock Georgetown Cedar Park Lakeway Dripping Springs Leander Liberty Hill Pflugerville Marble Falls BudaKyleSan MarcosNew BraunfelsBoerne Temple/Belton Killeen

…and everywhere in between. For rolling shutters and screens in Central Texas, Trust Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens.


Will interior screens make my home cooler?

Our interior shades are capable of blocking out the majority of the heat transfer from windows to the inside of your home. You can expect rooms with window shades to be considerably cooler than rooms without them. The cooling that comes from our interior window shades will also result in lower energy bills.

How can window shades reduce my energy bills?

Since our window shades reduce the overall temperature of your home, your AC won’t have to work as hard to cool your home. As your home will be generally cooler, your AC unit won’t have to run as often, resulting in overall cheaper energy bills.

Can window shades be motorized?

All of our window shades are controlled using smart home technology or a standard radio-powered remote. Each of our motorized window shades is powered using our Signature Series Motor, which is guaranteed to be functional for life, backed by our warranty. When you choose Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve got the best motorized window shades on the market.

Can window shades be manually controlled?

Our window shades can be manually controlled through a simple chain and clutch. All of our clutches have been tested to ensure a life cycle of at least 10 years before replacement is required. All of our manual shades can be installed on a span of 12 to 108 inches.

What areas are served by Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens?

At Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens, we primarily service Central Texas including Austin and San Antonio. If you’re unsure if we can service your home, give us a call and we’ll let you know!

“Great experience from start to finish! We had five large rolling screens put on the outside of our southwest facing windows. Installers were clean and respectful of the property. They called in an extra crew to make sure that it all got installed in one day! Would definitely recommend this company!”

Blair M.

“REALLY great to work with a company that has awesome customer service and attention to exacting detail from the President to the staff in the shop. Highly recommend!!”

Michael Van Skaik

“It worked out perfect, because the solar screens that these guys make, just solved all my problems… I couldn’t live without them.”

Ken H.