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Rolling Shutters & Solar Screens in Round Rock, TX

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Benefits of Rolling Shutters & Retractable Screens


Increasing the comfort level of your home or business without increasing your energy bill is easy with the addition of our retractable products. Rolling Shutters and retractable Solution Screens block the sun before it heats up your glass keeping your space much cooler. Patios become pleasant, luxurious extensions of your home where you can comfortably enjoy the fresh outdoor air.


Nosy neighbors will no longer be a problem with our high-quality retractable products. Solution Screens provide privacy from people peeking in while still allowing you incredible visibility out so you can see them but they can’t see you. Rolling Shutters provide complete privacy protecting you from wandering eyes while also allowing you relief from nearby eyesores.


Our Rolling Shutters & retractable Solution Screens mount on the exterior of homes and businesses to protect you from solar heat, damaging UV rays, and the intense glare of the sun. Roll them down for instant relief from the elements and to make your space more comfortable and enjoyable. Shade your patio to protect your furniture and transform it into the functional living area it was meant to be. This is outdoor living at its best.

Retractable Shutters & Solar Screens in Round Rock, TX

Rolling Shutters in Round Rock, TX

Austin WIndow Shutters
shutters in Austin, TX installed at a home
rolling shutters in Austin, TX installed at a home

At Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens, we manufacture the most durable custom rolling shutters in Round Rock, TX. Our rolling shutters are mounted on the exterior of homes and businesses, protecting windows, patios, doors, and anywhere a secure barrier or additional insulation is required. Thanks to our foam-filled, interlocking slats, our rolling shutters stop 99% of radiant heat, provide 99% room darkening, and reduce noise pollution by up to 60%, providing total privacy and security when completely closed.

Enjoy being able to roll your rolling shutters up and down easily with the touch of a button, or program our automated hub so that they roll up and down at a specific time every day. When they’re not needed, our rolling shutters disappear completely out of sight. Or, leave rolling shutters partially open for soft lighting and ventilation. For movie viewing, coziness, or total lockdown protection, close rolling shutters completely. With the T Block Auto-Lock, you can feel comfortable and confident that your home and the belongings within are safe and secure. For maximum insulation, security, and protection, consider custom rolling shutters in Round Rock, TX from Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens.

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Solar Screens in Round Rock, TX

screened in patio Austin TX
austin shades

For reliable, retractable solar screens in Round Rock TX, look no further than the systems provided by Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens. Our Solution Screen provides much more protection from the sun. When you lower our solution screens, enjoy instant heat protection, less harmful UV rays, glare, and even additional privacy from nosey neighbors. These benefits, plus unmatched outward visibility, make the Solution Screen from Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens the best solar screen in Round Rock, TX, and the surrounding areas.

Our solution screens utilize Enduris glass core yarn to absorb the sun’s intense heat and harmful UV radiation before it reaches your windows or patio. This is key to stopping damage to your furniture, decor, and most importantly, protecting your family and friends. With the touch of a button, roll our solution screens up and down easily. Utilize the automated hub to set a time for your screens to roll up and down every day, allowing you to enjoy the sun on your terms.

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Interior Screens in Round Rock, TX

Window shades in an Austin Tx home
Interior shades in Austin, TX
Interior screens in Austin, TX
Interior shades in Austin, TX

If you find that certain areas of your home or business are hotter than others, our interior screens could be a solution. With our interior screens in Round Rock, TX, you can enjoy a cooler, more comfortable, and more private home. Roll down our interior screens with the push of a button, enjoy instant protection from the heat and glare of the sun, protection from harmful UV rays, and unmatched privacy. With our Round Rock interior screens, you can pick from a number of different styles, colors, textures, and densities to meet your needs and specifications. Whether you want to enjoy the view of your backyard while you enjoy a meal, or darken your bedroom for unmatched immersion or restful sleep, our interior screens are what you’re looking for.

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Hub Connector & Connector App

Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens proudly offers our WiFi enabled hub connector and the Connector App which allow you to easily control your retractable screens and rolling shutters from your smartphone. Units can be operated as individuals or groups, put on timers, and even integrated with Amazon Echo and Google Home.


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Round Rock Residents Choose Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens

At Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens, we take great pride in being the leading provider of rolling security shutters and solar screens in Round Rock, TX, and the surrounding areas. Our satisfied customers say it best, read their testimonials to learn more about the quality of work we deliver daily.

“Great experience from start to finish! We had five large rolling screens put on the outside of our southwest facing windows. Installers were clean and respectful of the property. They called in an extra crew to make sure that it all got installed in one day! Would definitely recommend this company!”

Blair M.

“REALLY great to work with a company that has awesome customer service and attention to exacting detail from the President to the staff in the shop. Highly recommend!!”

Michael Van Skaik

“It worked out perfect, because the solar screens that these guys make, just solved all my problems… I couldn’t live without them.”

Ken H.