The Benefits Of Solution Screens

Residents of Texas are used to the heat. Many of us embrace it, using a beautiful summer day as a reason to gather around the pool, lake, or barbecue. On the other hand, some days are just simply too hot to be enjoyable. It’s for this reason that many people look for ways to enjoy the outdoor areas of their home in a more comfortable way. At Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens, we install retractable solution screens that do exactly that. Beating the heat is not the only reason that homeowners look to install our solution screens though. In this post from the Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens blog, we’ll discuss some of the benefits of installing solution screens at your home. 

Beat The Heat

Reducing the heat of the patio is the clear reason why most homeowners install our solution screens. Our solution screens allow you to block 95% of the radiant heat and UV rays generated by the sun. Enjoy a drastically cooler patio or other outdoor area thanks to our solution screens. Reducing the heat of your outdoor area makes it much more enjoyable when spending time outdoors cooking, playing, or simply spending time with friends and family. Regardless of the heat outside, you can enjoy lounging in your backyard, patio, or other outdoor areas with solution screens from Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens. 

Enjoy Improved Privacy With The Same View 

Spending time on your patio or in your backyard can be as private as hanging out inside with our solution screens. Unlike things like rolling shutters or traditional patio screens, our solar screens stop people from seeing what you’re doing on your patio. What’s more, is that our screens still allow you to enjoy the view of the outdoors. People can’t see in, but you’ll be able to see out with no problems. Solution screens reduce glare, so in some cases, you can enjoy an improved view of your outdoor area when you install solution screens. Enjoy improved privacy while preserving the view you know and love with solution screens from Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens. 

Keep Pets In & Pests Out 

If your furry friend likes to wander while you’re spending time with them outdoors, then solution screens are a great answer. Enjoy spending time with your pet companion without having to worry about them getting out of your line of sight when your solution screen is deployed. Additionally, our solution screens allow you to keep pesky pests out of your patio area. If that squirrel, armadillo, or mouse seems to be getting a little too comfortable with your patio, then you can deploy the screens (once you’ve made sure they are no longer there) to let them know they aren’t welcome back. Solution screens from Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens are a sure-fire way to keep pets in, and pests out of your patio or outdoor area. 

Increase The Value Of Your Home 

Adding solution screens to your home improves its value when it comes time to sell. Any real estate professional will tell you that homes with exterior improvements like screens and shutters will not only sell faster than other homes but sell for a higher price than those in the same neighborhood. Solution screens increase the value of your home since it essentially turns the patio into an extension of the home. With the reduced heat, potential buyers will envision themselves spending time on the patio for hours. This is a vision that’s sure to stick and make your home stick out on their mind as they go into the decision-making process. Increase the value and curb appeal of your home with solution screens from Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens. 

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At Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens, we proudly provide the residents of Central Texas with top-notch solution screens for their homes. With so many benefits, it’s clear to see why our solution screens are so popular among homeowners in the area. To learn more about our solution screens or the rest of the services we offer, give us a call or reach out to us online today.

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