Exploring The Commercial Applications of Solar Screens

As we continue to search for energy-efficient solutions for businesses, solar screens have emerged as an effective tool not only for homes but also for a myriad of commercial settings. Known for their ability to block up to 95% of solar heat and UV rays, solar screens can significantly enhance the comfort, efficiency, and even aesthetic appeal of various establishments.

From restaurants and bars to hotels, car dealerships, and car washes, in this blog post, we’ll delve into the diverse applications of solar screens in the commercial sector.

Restaurants and Bars

For restaurants and bars, creating a comfortable dining or lounging experience is paramount. Solar screens can play a crucial role in achieving this. By reducing glare and solar heat, they help maintain a cooler, more pleasant environment, particularly in outdoor seating areas. Not only that, solar screens can enhance privacy and add a sophisticated touch to the establishment's aesthetic.


In the hospitality industry, guest comfort is everything. Solar screens can be used in hotel rooms, lobbies, and poolside areas to control sunlight, reduce heat, and improve overall comfort. Furthermore, they can contribute to energy savings by reducing the reliance on air conditioning, an attractive proposition for any eco-conscious hotelier.

Car Dealerships

Solar screens can offer unique benefits to car dealerships. Showrooms can be kept cool and glare-free, providing a comfortable environment for customers. Plus, by reducing exposure to UV rays, solar screens can help protect the interiors of displayed vehicles from sun damage.

Car Washes

For car washes, solar screens can be employed in waiting areas, providing customers with a cooler, more pleasant space while their vehicles are being serviced. Additionally, they can protect equipment and interiors from potential sun damage, extending their lifespan.

Retail Stores

Solar screens can also provide significant benefits to retail stores. By reducing heat and glare, they can improve the shopping experience, while protecting merchandise, particularly clothing and other items susceptible to sun fading.

Office Buildings

In office buildings, solar screens can significantly improve the work environment by reducing glare on computer screens and maintaining a cooler, more comfortable temperature. Moreover, they can contribute to substantial energy savings, promoting a greener workspace.

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We're more than just a provider - we're your partner in making your business more comfortable, energy-efficient, and visually appealing. From consultation and design to installation and aftercare, we're committed to ensuring a seamless experience and delivering results that exceed your expectations. Contact us today for a free consultation for solar screen installation at your Central Texas business. 

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