Are Roller Shutters Good For Security?

For many, increasing the security of the home is an important part of home improvement. Whether there’s been a string of crime in your neighborhood recently, the area has a history of inclement weather, or you just want to ensure nobody tries to make their way into your home while you're out of town, roller shutters are a great way to improve the security of your home. From stopping burglars in their tracks, protecting the windows from weather, and increasing your privacy, roller shutters can improve the security and safety of your home in multiple ways. Keep reading this post from the Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens blog to learn more about how roller shutters are good for security. 

Stop Would Be Burglars Before They Even Try

When criminals plan on breaking into a home and stealing things within, they often scope out the house for days or weeks in advance. If your home has rolling shutters installed, you can bet top dollar that any would-be burglar will choose another house as their target instead. Roller shutters from Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens are made of heavy duty aluminum, and are virtually indestructible against a standard burglar. Potential burglars could spend hours throwing bricks at or hitting your shutters with bats and wrenches, and we guarantee our shutters will have more strength and endurance than any criminal could muster. Additionally, our shutters come with our T-Block locks, essentially putting your entire home into a state of lock down. The moment a burglar notices that your home has shutters, they’ll consider your house too tough to break into and will look for somewhere else to target. 

Protect Your Glass Windows & Doors From Inclement Weather 

Rolling shutters from Texas Rolling Shutters & Screen can protect your glass windows and doors from the worst weather that Central Texas can throw at your home. Between 2017 and 2019, Texas had by far the highest amount of hail damage claims from insurance companies at over 192,000 claims. When compared to the state with the 2nd highest amount of hail damage  claims, Colorado at about 70,000, it’s clear to see that Texas experiences a lot of hail. If you’re worried about these hail storms damaging your glass windows or doors, you’ll be glad to know that our roller shutters will beat hail every time. Hail doesn’t stand a chance to our durably constructed roller shutters, and we guarantee that your home will be fully protected from hail or any other kind of inclement weather that Central Texas experiences once our shutters are installed at your home. 

Increase The Privacy Of Your Home

When your roller shutters are deployed, nobody will be able to see the inside of your home. This provides ultimate privacy and protection for the interior of your home, especially for properties with many large windows. Furthermore, if your home is situated near a busy street, you can rest easy knowing that passersby have no way of seeing what’s going on inside. Additionally, when the shutters are deployed, you can enjoy an incredible blackout effect inside the home that makes for an immersive movie watching or gaming experience. Roller shutters from Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens allow you to provide the inside of your home with unmatched privacy with the touch of a button or tap of a screen on a mobile app. 

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Roller shutters aren’t just good for security - they provide some of the best protection for your home that money can buy. From stopping burglars before they commit a crime, protecting glass windows and doors from inclement weather, and increasing the privacy of your home, you can trust that your home is as protected as possible once your roller shutters have been installed. To learn more about our roller shutters in Austin and the surrounding areas, reach out to us online or give us a call today. 

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