Do Roller Shutters Reduce Noise?

Roller shutters, also known as rolling or retractable shutters, provide ultimate protection for the glass windows or doors of a home. Rolling shutters are most often made of durable aluminum or steel, and protect the windows from weather, potential burglars, and freak accidents in which a glass window or door breaks. Apart from the protection shutters provide to windows and doors, rolling shutters also provide additional benefits that are often overlooked when considering installing them. Roller shutters help better insulate your home, provide a blackout effect on the windows, and can also help with noise reduction. Learn more about roller shutters and their ability to reduce noise in this post from the Texas Rolling Shutters blog. 

Are Roller Shutters Soundproof? 

Rolling shutters from Texas Rolling Shutters can eliminate up to 80% of the noise that enters your home on a daily basis. 100% sound elimination can not be accomplished using rolling shutters, and so-called soundproof windows do not provide 100% sound elimination either. For most purposes, the sound elimination provided from rolling shutters will be effective and will meet your needs in terms of reducing the noise coming from outside your home. 

Do Roller Shutters Work Well With Other Noise Reducing Treatments? 

At Texas Rolling Shutters, we recommend pairing our roller shutters with other noise reduction treatments for as close to 100% sound proofing as possible. To further noise proof your home, any sort of air gaps and other noise entrances in your home have to be sealed entirely. Another effective way to get the most out of your rolling shutters in terms of noise reduction is to pair them with soundproof windows or double-paned glass. Essentially, the more soundproofing barriers you can put up between the noise outside your home, the better. Another thing to consider when using roller shutters for soundproofing is that glass and aluminum block different frequencies. When pairing together rolling shutters and soundproof glass windows and doors, as well as sealing off air gaps and other noise entrances, you’re blocking out as much noise as possible for your home.

Choose Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens For Rolling Shutters That Reduce Noise And Protect Your Home 

If you’re looking to provide your home with some extra noise reduction, rolling shutters from Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens is a great choice. If you live in the Central Texas area, give the team at Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens a call to discuss what you’re looking for out of rolling shutters. One of our team members will be happy to come to your property and provide you with an entirely free estimate for rolling shutters installation. Our rolling shutters are the best in the business, and are proudly manufactured in the great state of Texas at our manufacturing facility in Georgetown. To learn more about our services and schedule a free estimate, give us a call or reach out to us online today! 

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