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Here at Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens, what we do is in our name. We manufacture and install the highest quality retractable solution screens and rolling shutters around in the great state of Texas. While many of the benefits of our products are obvious, like rolling shutters being beneficial for security, and shades cooling down your outdoor patio areas, some of the benefits of our products are lesser-known. In this post from the Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens blog, we’ll discuss how our products can help you save money on your energy bills. 

Rolling Shutters Provide Additional Insulation 

The individual slats of our rolling shutters are filled with a thick, foam layer that provides additional insulation to the home. Our rolling shutters are filled with the same kind of foam used in refrigerators to maintain desired temperatures. These slats allow our rolling shutters to block up 99% of the radiant heat that typically would have made its way into your home. By regularly deploying our rolling shutters, you can enjoy savings of up to 60% on cooling bills. 

Cooler Temperatures Outside Mean Cooler Temperatures Inside 

Similar to the way that our rolling shutters can cool down the inside of the home directly, our solution screens cool down your outdoor patio areas, which indirectly cools your home. With an average cooler temperature indoors, the air conditioning unit will have an easier time reaching and staying at your desired temperature. Cooling the outdoor areas of your home is a great way to enjoy a cooler average temperature indoors and save money on your energy and cooling bills. 

Interior Shades Block Heat From Entering Through Windows 

While blinds and drapes can be of assistance in cooling down the interior of a home, and in turn reducing energy bills, these are outdated window treatments and can be an eyesore to some people. At Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens, we design our interior window shades to discreetly roll up and be nearly invisible when not in use, but also to provide substantial coverage to windows and reduce the heat that gets into your home when deployed. Our interior shades, in conjunction with our solution screens and rolling shutters, are the ultimate solution to stopping radiant heat from entering your home and lowering your energy bills from the outside in. 

Start Saving On Your Energy Bills Now With Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens 

Texas Rolling Shutters & Screens manufactures some of the highest quality rolling shutters, screens, and shades in the state of Texas. With several benefits like increased protection and privacy, savings on your energy bills is another reason why outfitting your home with our products is a no-brainer. To learn more about our products, the benefits they provide, and how you can schedule a free estimate, give us a call or contact us online today.

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